Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soaps N Stuff interview

How long you have been making soap?

I have been making soap for almost 6 years. A good friend of mine pushed me into it because she knew I couldn't use anything that was commercially out there and making your own was so much better. I researched, made my first batch and she was right!! Our soaps are definitely a labor of love, never tested on animals, just family (the tortoise, believe it or not, is too fast for us)

What motivates you?

My daughters. They are just as much into crafts as I am and love making things as much as i do. My oldest is already involved in the family business and has begun to take over the glycerin side of the business

What is your favorite product you have ever made?

My Abuelita's Herbal Salve. First it is named for the woman who is my all around inspiration and was the healer of my family spiritually and physically. Second it is an amazing product in that it is an all natural herb filled healing remedy that has helped many of my customers with various skin ailments.

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap?

Although I am swap addicted and have participated in numerous other swaps both knitting and soap related, this will be my first time participating in a secret pal swap and I am very excited for it!!

Advice to aspiring artists?

Never curtail your imagination. Be free to express yourself. Try new things.


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