Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SnowMoon3- Interview

I've been dyeing fiber for about a year and I've been knitting for alittle over 2 years.
I got started dyeing when one of my secret pals sent me some Romneyroving and a few packets of kool aid.
This is my first time doing the blogspot Secret Pal swap.
There are always new and unique yarns and drop spindles coming out.
There may be stitch markers and maybe even handmade needles in the future.
I love yarn and I love the things you can do with it. I'm motivatedby seeing what else I can do and what other people can do with what I've made.
My advice to fiber artists is to not be intimidated by something thatis supposed to be difficult. It's often much easier than you think.
It's hard to pick a favorite but my favorite drop spindle is actually one that was a special commission. It was black with a spiderweb and spider.
My favorite yarn is one that's already been sold. It was just a domestic wool blend but I loved the colors - Sunlit Swamp.
I'm not sure that any other fiber artists are my role models but there are definitely many whose work I adore. Just check out my favorites list on etsy to find lots of other great shops.


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