Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OceanWind Knits - Interview

How long you have been, dying yarn, making stitch markers, knitting (whatever is applicable)
I have been dyeing 'officially' now for about a year and a half. I have been crafting/creating/knitting for over 30 years. I began my artistic career in the traditional vein with a degree in Fine Arts and eventually my creative zest has become almost exclusively focused on yarn, knitting and designing.

What motivates you
Addiction... I am compulsively creative. If I am in need or looking for something, be it new cabinets in the kitchen, or new clothes, or a new table... my first impulse is to see what I can make myself... if I don't have time to put anything together myself, then I go shopping. As well, I am plain addicted to knitting... the possibilities are never exhausted, and I never get tired of it. I have to really curb the whole 'startitis' thing. I do finish, although it takes a while sometimes!

I react quite strongly to colour and texture. When I put something together, it's a result of a zest or a desire to evoke a particular mood or sensation. Most of my colours are related to a concept or a physicality - ie. Tuscany, in my mind, is evocative of Tuscan sunflowers and farmhouses; Vancouver Island is named for the colours of the Island itself, Thyme and Sweetgrass are self-expanatory, etc. I often have colours named before they are dyed. For me it is like painting, and when I paint (rarely these days!) I have the painting in my mind's eye before I begin. It doesn't always come out exactly as anticipated, but the visualization is often the motivator.

What is your favourite product you have ever made
I have tried to come up with something here, but I can't. I usually love everything I finish. I love most things 'more' while I'm actually working on them than after they are finished. If I don't, I rip before I get anywhere near the finish line.

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap
Honestly, no. I've either been at a point in my life where I couldn't afford the time or what have you, or missed the sign-up deadline.

Advice to aspiring artists
Don't give up! Yeah, I know, everyone says so, but it really is true. Be passionate about your work and it will show to others.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artists you consider role models?Many many many... I think the first knitting blog I ever came across, years ago, was Annie Modesit's Modeknit. Then it was Jenna Wilson's The Girl From Auntie... and of course Knitty came onto the scene. At some point, I realized there was awesome potential in knitting and designing, and finally decided to play around with dyeing and totally fell in love with it.

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