Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shelby's Designs

How long have you been dyeing yarn/beading?
I've been beading for about 8 years. I took a class during grad school, and have been hooked ever since! I started dyeing a bit last year with food coloring and acid dyes earlier this year.

What motivates you?
Everything! I get inspired by nature, clothing, book characters, you name it!!

What was your favorite product you have ever made?
Currently it's my Hogwarts stitch markers. I designed a set for each of the 4 houses, and I love each and every one of them.

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap?
Yes! I've been participating since SP5, and hostessing since SP7. I think I'll keep hostessing/participating as long as I possibly can! I've made some connections and friends that will last a lifetime!

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists?
Don't be afraid! Jump on in! Everyone has their own taste, and ideas, which is so much fun to see!!

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models?
All of the indie-dyers/designers are just amazing. I've learned so much from many of them.


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