Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sugar Apple the offer

with several offers just for SP10 you will have to go back again and again :-)

(1) 15% off items in my shop, except Dye-No-Mite Surprise Pack

(2) $21 per custom dyed/painted skein of 60%cashmere/40%merino sport weight yarn, at least 200yds per skein

(3) $25, Dye-No-Mite Surprise Pack (a variety pack of handpainted yarns, at least 350+ yds per pack, but guaranteed 100yds per skein, and all natural fibers. Total pack value will be at least 25% off price in my shop if purchased separately.

products include handpainted yarns, pinback buttons, keychains, needle rolls, other handmade items.

Code to obtain discount? SPX

Check out Heatherly's Favourites: Cute gauntlettes with ribbon lacing ( my girls love these!) availble in pattern only or as kits , a button with a pattern written on it! (really great idea as long as you can find your glasses :-) ), and beautiful boucle cashmere in Amber


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