Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ruby sapphire

RubySapphire Yarns is a mother-daughter team specializing in handpainted and hand dyed fibers. You can visit their etsy,too.

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"Our yarns are dyed with professional quality acid dyes with an emphasis on beautiful color combinations. Our colorways are created in very limited quantities, many of which are one of a kind creations.

Our RUBY Sock Yarn is our softest line of painted fibers. It is a superwash merino wool sock yarn. This yarn is an excellent choice for the knitter who prefers all natural fibers. Skeins are approximately 4oz/ 550 yards.
Our SAPPHIRE Sock Yarn is a superwash merino wool and nylon blend. This nylon blend sock yarn adds to the durability of socks. Skeins are approximately 4oz / 500 yards.
Our TENDERFOOT yarn is one of our new additions. It is a 3/8 Sport weight superwash merino yarn. It is a "thin" 3-ply sport weight and a wonderfully soft yarn that knits up a bit faster than our other sock yarns. Skeins are approximately 4oz/ 375 yards.
Our TREADSOFT Yarn is our newest line of handpainted fibers. It is a superwash merino wool sock yarn with a tight twist. Skeins are approximately 4oz/490 yards. We primarily create sock yarns, but occasionally offer other weights.
SUPERWASH SPORT- supersoft 4-ply merino. Skeins are approximately 4 oz / 280 yards.
TWISTED- a four ply 100% merino wool yarn which absorbs dye in a unique way. One ply of this yarn is more dye absorbent than the other plies. Even when dyed in a single colour, the yarn takes on different tones.Skeins are approximately 4 oz / 280 yards.
LACE WEIGHT- 2 ply Extrafine Merino Wool. Skeins are approximately 4 ounces / 875 yards. "

Heatherly's favourites; begonia for peppermint twist christmas socks, Veronica and Manda


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