Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scott Montain Crafts the interview

How long have you been dyeing yarn/beading?
I’ve been making Shawl Pins and Stitch Markers for 5 months now. But I’ve been a Fiber Artist for most of my life – learned to crochet at 4, knit at 26, spin and weave at 30 – fiber is a life long, constant passion of mine and creating these lovely accessories to add to my fiber creations is just a further extension of that.

What motivates you? Everything! I love creating different shapes and designs out of metal to accentuate the beauty that comes through on all the wonderful knit/crocheted items. I love shapes and curves, spirals are a particular favorite and you will find them in some way in most all my designs.

What was your favourite product you have ever made?
I would have to say my favorites are my free form shapes - the ones I just let happen while I’m working with the metal.

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap? Yes, I’ve enjoyed being a part of 3 Secret Pal swaps – great fun and great friends to be found!

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists?
Don’t let anything discourage you – work through the bumps in the road you may encounter and do your utmost to stand apart from anything else out there. Love what you do and do what you love! Enjoy the time it takes to create something – it will show in the finished object and people will see the work you put into it. Most importantly, let your creativity have the freedom it needs! Don’t be afraid to try anything.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models? Oh my. That’s a hard question to answer. I really have looked up to and received so much encouragement and help from Sara Lamb, Leslie Wind and Fred Ullom – I can’t thank any one of them enough for helping me through the very clumsy beginnings of this new journey. Not only did they offer me support and encouragement, they were generous with their time and knowledge and didn’t hesitate to offer help! They have shown me that there is room enough for all of us out there to be creative and share our work. Words just aren’t enough to express my gratitude and admiration for them and their work. I’m especially grateful to the countless other bloggers, Etsians and Friends that have shown their support.


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