Friday, October 27, 2006

MamaLlama the offer

Catherine of MamaLlama Hand Knit Accesories is offering Sp9 participants a $3 discount on an order of her yarn or stitchmarkers (both knit and crochet versions).

All of Mama Llama's Dye Pot Yarns are 100% superwash wool, dyed with professional acid dyes and then rinsed with a light lavender wash to give it a pleasant scent after the dyeing process. Depending on the colourway there are between 437-595 yds a skein.
~*~Exclusive Special SP9 Pampering Kit~*~
This wonderful package includes yarn of choice, matching row counting bracelet and stitchmarker set...... gift wrapped for $38......all done anonymously and sent to your pal!

More items will be uploaded this weekend. Keep an eye on this artist.
You can visit her etsy shop to view her lovely colourways and place your order. Check out Heatherly's current favourites: Panama Purple and Winter.

Please put SP9 in the subject bar.... or if you order from her Etsy shop wait for her to send you an invoice with the discount.
Catherine usually ships Priority but will give you the discounted option of shipping regular mail which will be $1.25 instead of the $4.05 cost of priority...... Please specify which shipment you would prefer so it can be add it to your invoice :)


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