Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soaps N Stuff interview

How long you have been making soap?

I have been making soap for almost 6 years. A good friend of mine pushed me into it because she knew I couldn't use anything that was commercially out there and making your own was so much better. I researched, made my first batch and she was right!! Our soaps are definitely a labor of love, never tested on animals, just family (the tortoise, believe it or not, is too fast for us)

What motivates you?

My daughters. They are just as much into crafts as I am and love making things as much as i do. My oldest is already involved in the family business and has begun to take over the glycerin side of the business

What is your favorite product you have ever made?

My Abuelita's Herbal Salve. First it is named for the woman who is my all around inspiration and was the healer of my family spiritually and physically. Second it is an amazing product in that it is an all natural herb filled healing remedy that has helped many of my customers with various skin ailments.

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap?

Although I am swap addicted and have participated in numerous other swaps both knitting and soap related, this will be my first time participating in a secret pal swap and I am very excited for it!!

Advice to aspiring artists?

Never curtail your imagination. Be free to express yourself. Try new things.

Soaps and stuff-offer

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Robyn's Nest interview

How long you have been, dying yarn, making stitch markers, knitting :

I've been knitting for over 2 years now, and just recently decided to use my stitch marker making and love of yarn to open up my own online business.

What motivates you:

inspirational knitted pieces by other knitters and music.

What is your favourite product you have ever made:

My personalized name stitch markers

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap: I've participed in SP8, SP9, SP10 and now SP11. I've been a hostess for SP10 and SP11.

Advice to aspiring artists: Follow your dreams, make it happen.

Robyn's Nest

Robyn's Nest offers yarn, knitting accessories, bamboo knitting needles, bamboo crochet hooks,knitting patterns and much more.

Until Sept 3rd there is 20% off all Cascade yarn on my site. After that - I'll announce what the new sale is. Website/etsy/blog:

Code to obtain discount: you don't need a code, it's already marked into the prices the discount

SnowMoon3- Interview

I've been dyeing fiber for about a year and I've been knitting for alittle over 2 years.
I got started dyeing when one of my secret pals sent me some Romneyroving and a few packets of kool aid.
This is my first time doing the blogspot Secret Pal swap.
There are always new and unique yarns and drop spindles coming out.
There may be stitch markers and maybe even handmade needles in the future.
I love yarn and I love the things you can do with it. I'm motivatedby seeing what else I can do and what other people can do with what I've made.
My advice to fiber artists is to not be intimidated by something thatis supposed to be difficult. It's often much easier than you think.
It's hard to pick a favorite but my favorite drop spindle is actually one that was a special commission. It was black with a spiderweb and spider.
My favorite yarn is one that's already been sold. It was just a domestic wool blend but I loved the colors - Sunlit Swamp.
I'm not sure that any other fiber artists are my role models but there are definitely many whose work I adore. Just check out my favorites list on etsy to find lots of other great shops.

SnowMoon3 offer

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Two Ply Two-interview

How long you have been, dying yarn, making stitch markers, knitting ?
I've been beading since I was a kid, dyeing fabric forabout 15 years, spinning for a year or so and actuallymaking stitch markers for around 6 months. Right now,Two Ply Two only has stitch markers available. I hope to have natural handspun up for sale before the end ofSP11

What motivates you?
I can't help but create things. If I don't have an outlet, I subconsciously find one! Most often, I aminspired by nature and things in the environment around me. AT other times I read or hear about a need and think of a project that will fit. I'm thrilled to have a place to be able to share my work with others.

What is your favourite product you have ever made?
I'm currently most excited about my lace-maker stitchmarkers. I read on a blog a few months ago about someone who was looking for a smaller stitch marker to use on smaller needles, but couldn't find any. I decided to try making a smaller double stitch marker that fits up to a US size 3 on the smaller end and upto a US size 7 on the larger.

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap?
Yes, I was in SP10 and am currently in SP11. I also participated in the Spring Felted Bag Exchange.

Advice to aspiring artists?
Do what you are passionate about, have patience with yourself, and make time for your art.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artists you consider role models?
I was originally an art teacher, so I have a ton of influences. Some of the most important ones are Elizabeth Murray, Faith Ringgold, Nancy Crow, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Claus Oldenburg and SolLe Wit.

Two Ply Two- offer

Details of your offer:

I am offering all SP11 participants a 10% discount and free shipping.

Simply put "SP11" in the note to sellerand wait for an adjusted invoice before you pay to getthe discount. I will be happy to anonymously send anitem directly to your pal; just leave me specialinstructions to do so.


Two Ply Two can be found at and

I blog at>

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Yarnimals - offer

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OceanWind Knits-offer

Details of your offer
Oceanwind Knits is offering a 11% discount to Secret Pal11 participants- shop URL is Usual free shipping for orders over $100CDN in Canada and the U.S. applies. Use coupon code spal11. If you'd like your purchase shipped directly to your pal, leave a note in the 'comments box'. I will include a 'secret pal' card with your purchase.


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OceanWind Knits - Interview

How long you have been, dying yarn, making stitch markers, knitting (whatever is applicable)
I have been dyeing 'officially' now for about a year and a half. I have been crafting/creating/knitting for over 30 years. I began my artistic career in the traditional vein with a degree in Fine Arts and eventually my creative zest has become almost exclusively focused on yarn, knitting and designing.

What motivates you
Addiction... I am compulsively creative. If I am in need or looking for something, be it new cabinets in the kitchen, or new clothes, or a new table... my first impulse is to see what I can make myself... if I don't have time to put anything together myself, then I go shopping. As well, I am plain addicted to knitting... the possibilities are never exhausted, and I never get tired of it. I have to really curb the whole 'startitis' thing. I do finish, although it takes a while sometimes!

I react quite strongly to colour and texture. When I put something together, it's a result of a zest or a desire to evoke a particular mood or sensation. Most of my colours are related to a concept or a physicality - ie. Tuscany, in my mind, is evocative of Tuscan sunflowers and farmhouses; Vancouver Island is named for the colours of the Island itself, Thyme and Sweetgrass are self-expanatory, etc. I often have colours named before they are dyed. For me it is like painting, and when I paint (rarely these days!) I have the painting in my mind's eye before I begin. It doesn't always come out exactly as anticipated, but the visualization is often the motivator.

What is your favourite product you have ever made
I have tried to come up with something here, but I can't. I usually love everything I finish. I love most things 'more' while I'm actually working on them than after they are finished. If I don't, I rip before I get anywhere near the finish line.

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap
Honestly, no. I've either been at a point in my life where I couldn't afford the time or what have you, or missed the sign-up deadline.

Advice to aspiring artists
Don't give up! Yeah, I know, everyone says so, but it really is true. Be passionate about your work and it will show to others.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artists you consider role models?Many many many... I think the first knitting blog I ever came across, years ago, was Annie Modesit's Modeknit. Then it was Jenna Wilson's The Girl From Auntie... and of course Knitty came onto the scene. At some point, I realized there was awesome potential in knitting and designing, and finally decided to play around with dyeing and totally fell in love with it.

Ravelry designer ID

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yarn Garden Gift bouquets

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The discount coupon can be used on as many orders as members would like and once per order. Website: - "joyful gifts for fiber enthusiasts"

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YarnGarden & Zen Yarn Interview

How long have you been dyeing yarn?

Yarn Gift Bouquets is a sister site to and all yarns for the yarn gift bouquets/baskets/boxes are lovingly handpainted by Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden who has been handdyeing yarns since late 2005 and full-time since January of 2007.

What motivates you?

Colour is the biggest motivator for handpainting yarns - it keeps a handpainter going back to the dye pot over and over!

What is your favourite product you have ever made?

Our yarn bouquets - we love how they turn out each time and what a wonderful and fun way to receive yarn! We also have a nice assortment of cards and DPNs to compliment and fill in your yarn bouquet!

Have you ever participated in a secret pal swap?

No - this is our first time and we're excited to offer something unique for everyone - we can ship the yarn bouquets/baskets/boxes direct to your secret pal and if you have other items to include, ship them to us and we'll include them with your order - no more running around to a million stores to gather your items - we'll send them all from here!

Advice to aspiring artists:

Always follow your muse - it will take you places!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shelby creates beautiful stitch markers using Czech glass and Swarovski crystals with silver colored findings
She is offering a 10% discount and free shipping within the US to all participants!
Please make a note of it when you purchase, but do not pay. Shelby will send you the invoice for the discounted/adjusted amount.

Currently She has stitch markers, cards (which will be updated this weekend), and will start offering some handpainted yarns shortly as well.

Code to obtain discount?
Please use SP10 in the comment field when purchasing.

Shelby's Designs

How long have you been dyeing yarn/beading?
I've been beading for about 8 years. I took a class during grad school, and have been hooked ever since! I started dyeing a bit last year with food coloring and acid dyes earlier this year.

What motivates you?
Everything! I get inspired by nature, clothing, book characters, you name it!!

What was your favorite product you have ever made?
Currently it's my Hogwarts stitch markers. I designed a set for each of the 4 houses, and I love each and every one of them.

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap?
Yes! I've been participating since SP5, and hostessing since SP7. I think I'll keep hostessing/participating as long as I possibly can! I've made some connections and friends that will last a lifetime!

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists?
Don't be afraid! Jump on in! Everyone has their own taste, and ideas, which is so much fun to see!!

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models?
All of the indie-dyers/designers are just amazing. I've learned so much from many of them.

Exreme Yarn The Offer

Pennie of Exterme Yarn Has some lovely colourways she is offering.
You can check outher personal blog here or visit her Etsy shop.

ExtremeYarn uses only the finest yarn and Jacquard dyes to create the softest beautiful yarn just for you. Lace weight to Worsted weight colourways.
220 yards of gorgeous merino worsted weight yarn, 440 yards of gorgeous merino sock weight yarn, or 880 yards of gorgeous merino lace weight yarn.

Secret Pal 10 Special #1: Buy 2 skeins of yarn and receive the 3rd at half price.
Secret Pal 10 Special #2: Free Shipping and Handling with order
You choose your Special, just place the special in the section when you order and I will resend you an invoice with your savings :) Will ship special with a SP card. (will break up order and ship to two addresses if needed)

Check out Heatherly's Current Favourites: Jeannie, Passion Lace, and Midnight Blues

Secret Pal??? Just let me know and I will be happy to package and include a card.
We strive to protect your anonymity!

Exterme Yarn -The interview

How long have you been dyeing yarn/beading?
I have been dyeing yarn about a year and I love it :)

What motivates you? Providing quality yarn that I love, to all who love to knit or crochet

What was your favourite product you have ever made?
shades of green, shades of blue and shades of red

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap?

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists?
knit what you love and you will knit more

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models?
I visit tons of blogs and I must say that I love them all!


Luxe Fiber belongs to the fabulous Natasha. She creates yummy fibers that will stimulate your imagination! Her handspun art yarns ~*~the creme de la creme...usually in shorter yardages, due to their complexity. they work really well when mixed with a less complex yarn as a trim, or stripe, or whatever you can think of!

Hand dyed sock yarns- fingering weight, more than 500 yards of this super soft superwash merino.

Can't find a sock yarn to reflect your own personal colour schemes? Custom Dyed Sock Yarn (fingering and/or sportweight) for $18 per skein (please allow 2 weeks for delivery)
Plus there are crazy batts of eclectic spinning fibers so you can make your own lovely handspuns. Or for those with a time constraint...already knitted items can be purchased from her etsy.

Cuz you are a secret pal: % off of any order for your secret pal, or free shipping. i will do custom packaging with a handmade card and a note to your pal and a free little gift. enter " " in the coupon slot for
or i will refund % after you order
products/websites? spinning batts, handpainted roving, handspun art yarns, handpainted sock yarn
Code to obtain discount?freeship

Check out Heatherly's favourites Kylie and Sweet Violetta and the custom colourNatahsa did for me: Hawthorne. ( cuz i love nathaniel hawthorne of course)

Luxe Fiber the interview

LUXEFIBRE can be visted at her website or etsy shop.
Natasha specializes in recycled fibers, thicks and thins, and many other spinning techniques which create sprials and coils.

How long have you been dyeing yarn/beading?about 1 1/2 years

What motivates you?initially, i just couldn't find yarns that were exactly what i wanted, and then after i began spinning, i couldn't find fiber that i liked. and i am cheap, i know i can make it better and cheaper than i could buy it.

What was your favourite product you have ever made? it is so hard to choose! my favorites change from project to project. i will be in love with certain colors for a month or so and then discover a new color scheme that i adore.

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap? oooh yes! i have made some amazing friends that way.

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists? as much work and passion as you put in, you will get twofold out. if you don't take chances and try new things (just like any other part of life) you won't grow.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models? i am afraid to leave anyone out! ladylinoleum (, linda from who just started the which you can contribute your own work to! i sit on the board. how cool is that? jenny dowde who writes freeform crochet and knitting books, amazing! and she did a pattern based on one of my handspun yarns in her newest book freeformations, heidi kinny of, the hardest working woman in the crafty world, shannon okey, the knitgrrl ( herself, who has written and edited a million books and is a fiber powerhouse and so so many more. people who wear a zillion hats and never cease to do new and exciting things are such an inspiration.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Razzy Tazzy Knits- the interview

How long have you been dyeing yarn/beading?
I’ve only been dyeing yarn and beading for a short while, however I’ve had a love for clay since I was about nine years old. My mom and I would crowd around the kitchen table for hours making little animals and such with clay.

What motivates you?
I think the gratification of seeing the finished product. You work so hard over something and when you step back to look at it, you think “Wow! I actually made that!” Also, I get extra excited when I see other knitters/crochetiers getting excited about my products.

What was your favorite product you have ever made?
Hand spun and dyed sock yarn. Talk about gratification!!!

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap?
Yes, I was a participant in SP 6 & 7.

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists?
Have patience; it can get a little cumbersome at times, but it’s always so worth it! Write down your ultimate goal and put it in a place you’ll always see it when you’re beading/whatever you do. It will make that goal seem so much more attainable.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models?
The Yarn Harlot; she’s so smart, funny and witty. She’s such an inspiration to anyone that has any interest in yarn or the fiber projects.

Razzy Tazzy Knits- The 0ffer sells hand made stitch markers for now, but hopefully will be bringing in some hand dyed yarns into the mix, soon! Carrie has spme really cute novelty stitchmarkers.

Check out Heatherly's favourite :

Code to obtain discount? Type “Secret Pal 10” into the ‘notes to seller’ box and submit your order.

Please DO NOT pay until you receive a “Request for money” from her. Carrie will send the request through Paypal, however keep in mind that you may still pay with a credit card if you don’t have a paypal account.