Friday, October 27, 2006

MamaLlama the offer

Catherine of MamaLlama Hand Knit Accesories is offering Sp9 participants a $3 discount on an order of her yarn or stitchmarkers (both knit and crochet versions).

All of Mama Llama's Dye Pot Yarns are 100% superwash wool, dyed with professional acid dyes and then rinsed with a light lavender wash to give it a pleasant scent after the dyeing process. Depending on the colourway there are between 437-595 yds a skein.
~*~Exclusive Special SP9 Pampering Kit~*~
This wonderful package includes yarn of choice, matching row counting bracelet and stitchmarker set...... gift wrapped for $38......all done anonymously and sent to your pal!

More items will be uploaded this weekend. Keep an eye on this artist.
You can visit her etsy shop to view her lovely colourways and place your order. Check out Heatherly's current favourites: Panama Purple and Winter.

Please put SP9 in the subject bar.... or if you order from her Etsy shop wait for her to send you an invoice with the discount.
Catherine usually ships Priority but will give you the discounted option of shipping regular mail which will be $1.25 instead of the $4.05 cost of priority...... Please specify which shipment you would prefer so it can be add it to your invoice :)

MamaLlama part 2 Interview

How long have you been dyeing yarn?

I have been dyeing yarn for a year, I just started selling my creations in September. I began with Kool-aid and now work with Acid dyes. There are so many color combinations when you start to use proffesional dyes.

What motivates you?

Everything motivates me! I see pretty color combos everywhere and make sure to write my ispirations down immediately. Right now I have themes that inspire me ( tropical flowers...etc.)

What was your favourite product you have ever made?

I have several favorite yarn colors. I have them sitting in a big bin in my living room so I can glance at them once in awhile. It takes all my effort not to snatch one up and start knitting with it! My inventory would be dented a great deal if I did!

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap?
I have participated in SP6 and SP9. I was nominated both times for best pal. I also began and hosted the "Gimme some Needles"Needle Exchange.

Any advice for the fiber/beading artists?

Have fun! Try lots of different things and try your best not to get discouraged and Have patience. Thats the hardest part for a lot of people including myself.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models?

Dani from Sunshine Yarns! She was the one who sent me wool and Koolaid a year ago, and she was my very first customer! Dani is my biggest cheerleader. I really respect her because she embraces life and all the hurddles.... And , she dyes BEAUTIFUL sock yarns.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Susie - The offer

Susie has created our first ever SecretPal Colorway. Susie does have a commercial site, but in order to keep costs down for our EXCLUSIVE colorway, this offer is avaiable here.You won't believe the yardage available for this price! You may email Susie with the name of the yarn in the subject line to place an order. Her personal blog also details the colourways she created for us.

This is painted on the Kona fingering and comes as a ~500 yards/skein of superwash Merino! The price...$20/skein, just like the other two colorways! All shipping info is the same. If you'd like to order this yarn, e-mail Susie! with SP9ChaCha in the subject!

100% Superwash Merino, Fingering weight, 425-450 yards/skein, $20/skein, $3.50 shipping If you'd like to order this yarn, e-mail Susie! with SP9Foxtrot in the subject!

100% Superwash Merino, Fingering weight, 425-450 yards/skein, $20/skein, $3.50 shipping If you'd like to order this yarn, e-mail Susie! with SP9Waltz in the subject!

$3.50 shipping (US only, per skein, per address, will combine shipping of more than one skein to the same address, non-US shipping determined by destination), each will come tagged and with a Swarovski crystal stitch marker.
To order this fabulous yarn, send Susie an email either with SP9Waltz, SP9Foxtrot or SP9ChaCha in the subject line. The e-mail should include the name and address you would like it shipped to, as well as method of payment (Paypal is preferred, but if necessary she will accept money orders and checks- MO/check orders will be shipped AFTER they clear).
She will gladly ship anonymously for secret pals, including the message of choice, and send a delivery confirmation number back to the buyer.
Susie will ship internationally. The shipping costs will be determined by the destination. Please email her for more information on this. International buyers are strongly encouraged to use Paypal as the method of payment.

Susie part 2 ...The interview

How long have you been dyeing yarn?

I've been handpainting yarn and roving since a fateful night in November two years ago. It was late (after 11:30 pm) and I had just finished reading about someone's experience with yarn and color. As it happened, I had a skein of white Lana Grossa wool in my stash, a microwave, a little white vinegar and some McCormick's food coloring (in those little, tiny plastic bottles!) and I NEEDED to try this out. I posted about it on my first Blogger blog (I think it's probably in some archive somewhere under 'Dye-ing For Oranges'). The yarn was so beautiful...SO beautiful! I was hooked. I bought my first real dyes about 6 months later and I've been at it ever since.

What motivates you?

Fear. Fear motivates me. Okay...Just kidding. Not when it comes to fiber. Vibrant color motivates me. Rainbows motivate me. The interplay between brights and black fascinates me. My colorways are sometimes complex, but seldom are they considered 'subtle.' I figure there are so many excellent fiber artists around who do 'subtle' so well that I can paint my rainbows in brilliant, saturated colors.

What was your favourite product you have ever made?

I don't know that I can honestly choose a favorite item. I think my favorite fiber to paint would be Merino/silk roving. Though the fibers are well carded together, the blend causes the dye to strike a little bit differently throughout the roving. When it's dry, you can see the gleam of the silk through the matte of the Merino. I've done many different colorways in this fiber, but my favorite would have to be the one that's sitting in my spinning bag right now, the one I'm keeping for myself!

Have you ever been a participant in a Secret Pal swap?

Yes, SP5. Roxanne rocks!

Any advice for the fiber artists?

Advice. Absolutely.
You have far more creativity than you suppose.
Don't be afraid to try something different.
Use the best materials you can afford.
Learn from other people's successes and failures.
Be sensitive to the fine line between being excited about your product and shameless self-promotion.

Are there any designers, fiber artists or any other artist you consider role models?
Role models...Traci Bunkers. Alden Amos. Lime & Violet.

Thank you Susie for taking the time to answer our questions!